Monday, May 28, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!][The Miracle We Met Roundup] Episode 17

1. [+3314, -55] Writer Baek Mi Kyung, stop writing 
↪ [+74, -5] I think we need to kick out the writer of 'The Miracle We Met' like what happened to Im Sung Han writer..... At least Im Sung Han was a bit funny and good but what is this.... (t/n: Im Sung Han is known for her makjang dramas, she wrote 'Lotus Flower Fairy', 'New Tales of Gisaeng', 'Princess Aurora'. In 2015, MBC said they won't be working with her in the future and she announced her retirement from the industry. Makjang dramas are known for their ridiculous, outrageous plots, it's filled with affairs, revenger, etc. An example is 'Temptation of a Wife' or like weekly morning dramas that have 100+ episodes)
↪ [+137, -0] Exactly what is the miracle...? Is it the miracle of ruining a happy family?  
 [+71, -1] I kept watching to watch the actors but this really isn't right.... *sigh* From now on, I'm going to skip on this writer's works 
↪ [+60, -3] Just how fast do you have to drive in a supermarket's parking lot that a person dies ㅋㅋ

2. [+3309, -83] She's a woman who's living with her father-in-law and he comes to her in a different form but says his soul is still there and that he's still her husband, he then loves a different woman and outright cheats, and then makes the daughter who lost her father cry again... how can they kill her.. what wrong did Ra Mi Ran do 
↪ [+168, -2] In the end, Ji Soo is an orphan;; ㅋㅋ Killed her dad, killed her mom, and at that they really brutally took everything away ㅋㅋ what exactly is the miracle?? What is? 

3. [+1768, -65] I thought it was a healing drama but it's hella makjang...

4. [+1246, -185] Kai-yah, because of you everything is a mess, hurry up and save Ra Mi Ran, I think Ra Mi Ran is going to wake up tomorrow - whose body do you think she's going to go into, Kim Hyun Joo's body? I think that's right 
↪ [+115, -7] The Affair We Met 
↪ [+135, -1] The Hell Ji Soo Met
 [+235, -6] It's not Ato's fault, it's the writer who's the problem ㅠㅠ Ah seriously the story is a letdown 

5. [+912, -44] The Hell Ji Soo Met, I don't know if she'll grow up normally 

6. [+387, -4] It's my first time watching a weird drama like this while living 

1. [+660, -7] Did you write this thinking it's a drama? Last week, a gun came out of nowhere. No but speaking from logically, the place where the cars are waiting in front of the supermakety, even if a car is going fast, just how fast does it have to drive that a person dies from a head collision while picking up oranges? Did you write this thinking it's a drama? I feel bad for the actors who are a part of this 

2. [+505, -2] Don't you think Kim Hyun Joo is going to suddenly die and Ra Mi Ran's soul goes into Kim Hyun Joo's body and the couple just lives together in different bodies? At this rate, just turn the makjang into a big freakin makjang

3. [+390, -10] What I expect the ending will be like: 1. Kim Hyun Joo will suddenly die and Ra Mi Ran will reincarnate into Kim Hyun Joo's body, 2. Kim Myung Min will make a deal with Kai where he dies for Ra Mi Ran to be saved   

What a mess...
I gave up on this drama after they brought that gun out of nowhere 
I seriously tried to stick it out because I love the actors but this is one of the worst dramas I've watched this year.
It's so sad because the first few episodes were actually pretty good.
What a shame...