Saturday, May 26, 2018

Uee reveals that she thought about retiring after 'Manhole'

1. [+2410, -203] What do you think is the reason for her constantly playing lead roles?    
↪ [+97, -11] Her pronunciation.. it's to the point where you feel uncomfortable while watching

2. [+1044, -94] As if.. she talks as if she's some veteran actor who has years of acting experience in her bones.. I tried to suck it up for Kim Kang Woo and watch it but because of your lisp/short tongue pronunciation and expressions, I couldn't watch it anymore.. She needs to do something about the shape of her lip when she talks and her unchanging expressions.. 

3. [+602, -123] I miss her honey thigh days 

4. [+557, -122] Who's using her, she's not even immersive 

5. [+565, -146] I was really impressed by the drama you came out with Lee Seo Jin....You acted really well!!!! Please act well in the future too!!!!