Monday, June 18, 2018

Comedian Lee Kyung Kyu's daughter, Lee Ye Rim, to make her television debut as an actor

She came out on the variety show 'Take Care of My Dad' with her dad, comedian Lee Kyung Kyu. After that, she went on to do more variety shows and commercials with her dad. 

She made her debut in a webdrama in 2016 but this is her first television debut as an actor. According to her agency, she chose not to add her father's name to her profile (like the ones you see when you search up a celebrity's name) - she didn't want to disclose it. The agency also added that even when she meets staff and reveals her face, most people don't know who she is. From the beginning, she was burdened about being known as 'Lee Kyung Kyu's daughter'. Her dream as an actor is big. 

In the drama 'My ID is Gangnam Beauty', she'll be playing a character who gains 8kg. The drama will begin airing in July and the main cast consists of Im Soo Hyang, Cha Eun Woo, and Jo Woo Ri. 
1. [+4028, -82] Must be nice ... she can comfortably live while doing what she wants to do   
↪ [+34, -4] If you're Lee Kyung Kyu's daughter, can you just film a drama?
↪ [+122, -5] Even if it's not her just being able to film a drama, the opportunities still come easily ㅋㅋ no matter how many auditions she takes 

2. [+1789, -290] To be honest, your visuals aren't visuals for an actor! It's all your dad's effect (t/n: this comment is basically saying that she's not pretty enough to be an actor and that she's where she is right now, getting roles, all thanks to her dad)
↪ [+118, -16] Are actors all pretty like Kim Tae Hee? Ye Rim fighting 
↪ [+77, -1] Her dad's support can be controversial but saying she doesn't have the appearance of an actor... Then what about Ryu Jun Yeol?? They just need to be good at acting.. why do female celebrities all have to be pretty? 

3. [+1411, -59] This is really all thanks to her father's personal connections, it's possible once or twice but from now on, her skills will decide whether or not she'll get roles, but I think it's right for you to feel sorry for aspiring actors

4. [+519, -32] Become Lee Ye Rim and not Lee Kyung Kyu's daughter  

5. [+397, -34] Must be nice to have Lee Kyung Kyu as your father