Friday, June 15, 2018

Director Kim Ki Duk expresses his disappointment with how people paid back for his "kindness" with #MeToo accusations

t/n: You can read about what this piece of trash is accused of here - X

1. [+8459, -147] He's calling it kindness.. For those involved, it was a nightmare and disgrace.. he's saying that's kindness. They wanted to become an actor but due to an awful incident that the perpetrators think they're doing an act of kindness, it leads them to point of throwing away that dream. In other words, it's not his fault so there's not going to be reflection, there's not going to be reflection.. So is it alright if we think that this type of incident is going to happen again? (t/n: This comment got removed while I was translating this article)

2. [+3730, -48] Hold hands with Cho Jae Hyun and screw off 

3. [+3564, -39] It seems like they were able to talk with lawyers. The victims are reluctant about actively disclosing the details and quite a lot of time has passed so the investigation won't be easy,,, I feel like he thinks he can get out of this by playing innocent and countersue for false accusation,,,

4. [+2831, -22] If your daughter suffered and came back, would you say "be thankful because you received kindness"? You can't do this to your own child but you can treat another person's daughter in any way, who told you this? I'm not expecting the minimum amount of conscience. Just receive the same amount of karma for your deeds.. 

5. [+1163, -13] You can tell what type of person he is after seeing the way he thinks - he thinks the idea of casting a new rookie actress itself is considered kindness/a favor     

6. [+507, -7] It reminds me of the trash Japanese guy who said that the comfort women grandmas' testimonies are fabricated and there's no evidence...

7. [+497, -24] .....I have nothing to say