Saturday, June 30, 2018

[Grandpas Over Flowers Returns Roundup] Episode 1

t/n: Lee Seo Jin is known as the "jimggun" because he's the one who takes care of all the luggage and what not 

1. [+4206, -26] I intensely sympathized with Lee Seo Jin's words when he said that if you lag behind, it's no one's fault and that there's a way for everything and that the way of doing it is just different!! It was nice seeing them all being healthy!! (t/n: I feel like Lee Seo Jin said that because he's also grown older and his perspective has changed and because people have been shitting on Baek Il Seob way too much. Baek Il Seob has a lot of leg and hip issues so he can't walk much without him having pain so he takes it slow but some people have been saying that he's a burden to all the other cast members and crew and what not, it's really messed up)

2. [+813, -17] I really enjoyed the first episode. My heart kept feeling touched. To all five grandpas, please stay healthy for a long time. Seo Jin-ie as well ^^

3. [+767, -16] I'm glad the grandpas are looking healthy. Grandpa Kim Yong Gun is also really nice and seems modest. I watched the first episode and I'll continue watching it live. 

4. [+616, -29] Teacher Il Seob~ Stay healthy for a long, long time. I still miss our teacher Ja Ok ㅜ (t/n: 'Teacher Ja Ok' is actress Kim Ja Ok, she passed away in 2014 at the age of 63 because of lung cancer. She came out in the female version of 'Grandpas Over Flowers' called 'Nunas Over Flowers')

5. [+477, -21] I like that the show started again. Everyone be healthy~ When I saw Baek Il Seob, I also thought like that but after hearing what Lee Seo Jin said, my thoughts changed because not everyone is like me ㅎㅎ 

1. [+2907, -14] Because Kim Yong Gun-ssi came in, the vibes got a lot better 

2. [+1024, -14] Wow Kim Yong Gun-nim is a maknae there but he's a grandpa and if you seen one, you've seen all of them. He's super cool, starting from him ordering coffee - he was really, really gentle and humorous, seriously, if you have a father-in-law like that, you must be really happy 
↪ [+467, -0] You mean you want Ha Jung Woo 

3. [+953, -16] What the, do you not review your article after writing it? Writer, you're repeating the same thing and wrote the same thing again  

4. [+731, -18] The hyungnims and Lee Seo Jin who are considerate towards Baek Il Seob and Baek Il Seob-nim who's trying not to inconvenience anyone with his way of doing things..  

5. [+448, -8] I was really envious while watching... I want to travel overseas with my friends when we're old like that...