Sunday, June 3, 2018

[Grandpas Over Flowers Roundup] The grandpas + Lee Seo Jin head over to Germany for season five, Kim Yong Gun joins the cast

1. [+849, -6] Health is the best. Grandpas have a good trip and stay safe. There's nothing better than that

2. [+417, -8] I feel like we'll be able to see Lee Soon Jae's German skills 

3. [+191, -3] Hul ㅜㅜ I really wanted to seem them again, they weren't doing it for a long time so I thought they weren't going to do it now *crying noise* ㅜㅜI really like it 

4. [+133, -4] I thought it hasn't been a while since they went on a trip but it's already been 5 years ㄷㄷ    

1. [+9458, -118] There's a lot of people saying something because Baek Il Seob can't walk well or has to rest often because his legs hurt.. That's what makes it realistic though.. that's what makes it realistic though.. Once you get older, everyone hurts and what not. Our grandma too, there are people who don't even think about going on a trip because they're afraid that they'll be an inconvenience to those around them because their legs hurt - I liked it because I thought it gave hope to those people by letting them know that if they take it easy then they can also go on trips. From the start, the shows concept is a travel show of people in their 70s-80s backpacking, when they're short of energy/strength, rest often because their legs hurt, drink soju during dinner, I feel like this is what makes it real. How can you do a quick, perfect trip.. Think about your own parents and don't go saying too much..
↪ [+350, -3] I agree 
↪ [+474, -4] It's because Baek Il Sub looks younger than the actors around him but he's 75 years old... At that age, the majority of people say their knees hurt after walking just a little bit. Our grandma does that too. I feel like those people who are leaving hateful comments because someone is saying their legs hurt is the type of person who gets mad when their own grandpa and grandma says they're tired when they walk;;
↪ [+124, -2] I'm actually the one thankful for this warm comment 

2. [+2062, -23] Congratulations~

3. [+1371, -25] H4 is becoming H5. I feel like it's going to be really fun. I'm looking forward to it. 

4. [+1135, -36] The person who said that ratings will go up even with just walking ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+892, -42] I feel like it's going to be even funnier and a bit different with Kim Yong Gun joining, looking forward to it~~~!!!

1. [+3135, -97] After reading various articles, there are a lot of comments saying Baek Il Seob ahjussi is an inconvenience and that it's better for them to take him out as a member... You can say that you don't like this and that about Baek Il Seob ahjussi but isn't he the example of a grandpa we can commonly see around us? Of course we want to resemble our ideal types when we age like Lee Soon Jae and Kim Yong Gun but in reality it's Baek Il Seob. ㅎㅎ So that's why I don't think this realistic character can be taken out. ㅋ

2. [+2237, -4] Baek Il Seob isn't an inconvenience, his body is a bit uncomfortable and he's unwell. Imagine how frustrated he is.. If your dad's legs were a bit uncomfortable and he complained a bit, would you leave your dad behind and go on a trip by yourselves? Don't be so hard on him. Let him go around a bit more and see more while we can

3. [+599, -35] Baek Il Seob is the example of the most common grandpa we can see around us. His impression is warm and he's very compassionate

4. [+445, -15] Baek Il Seob ahjussi and Kim Yong Gun ahjussi came out as best friends on 'My Too Perfect Sons'/'The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House', I truly like them. I hope they do well.

5. [+273, -15] Have a safe trip

1. [+1609, -14] As a person in their 20s, it was really hard even for me to spend the whole day going around in Europe, what exactly do you want from grandpas in their 70s.. ㅠ The average older person has leg issues like grandpa Baek Il Seob.. they say it's thoughtless but I don't know what part of it is thoughtless.. It's not like he made a fuss on vacation.. and with alcohol, grandpa Shin Goo likes it too.. He drank too when he was a part-time worker during 'Youn's Kitchen'.. But to be honest, the reason adults keep drinking a glass or two when they travel overseas is because they're really tired.. The time zone changes and also their sleeping spots change, there are a lot of people who can't sleep well so there's a lot of people who drink a glass so that they sleep well

2. [+720, -7] With the 'Flower' series, in the end the 'Grandpas' one is the most fun to watch ㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠ Be safe and have a fun trip 

3. [+493, -10Viel Glück, have a safe trip. ^^ (t/n: Viel Glück translates to 'good luck' in German)

4. [+240, -5] Have a safe trip. ^^

I'm so excited!
This is one of my favorite travel variety shows and it's always beautifully filmed/edited
People also need to back the eff off from Baek Il Seob...
People complaining about him having bad legs and needing to rest are so heartless...
Everyone (both young and old) gets tired when they travel overseas.
I hope Ha Jung Woo makes an appearance, I don't mind if it's just a phone call to his dad (Kim Yong Gun)