Friday, June 8, 2018

Han Hye Jin joins Life Bar as their new MC

1. [+1464, -69] It seems like these two are in a really lovely relationship! While listening to her talk about the motorcycle episode and the car movie episode, my stomach hurt cause I laughed ㅎ I'll support your lovely meeting (t/n: In the episode, HHJ said that JHM suggested they ride motorcycles and what not so that they can go out publicly because they'll be wearing helmets and when they went out on a date at a drive-in theater, JHM tried to change his voice up when ordering tickets because everyone recognizes him and she said that all the effort he makes is what she really likes/is grateful for)

2. [+592, -60] She speaks so pretty/eloquently..... Life Bar become more successful, Han Hye Jin fighting     

3. [+414, -30] She's pretty, I feel like both of their impressions are getting better and better

4. [+299, -29] I feel like they're both doing even better now after dating!! It's nice to see