Sunday, June 10, 2018

Jo Min Ki's daughter Jo Yoon Kyung responds to reports that claimed she was in talks with a celebrity agency

On her Instagram, she wrote that she made her Instagram account private for the victims who might remember bad memories or be spoken about negatively because of her. She's focusing on her studies again and preparing diligently to go to grad school next year for her doctoral program in physics. But in a single day (because of one media report), she became/was made into an celebrity trainee. She said that her dream is to become a person who makes makeup but because of stories with murky sources, she became a person who wants to come out on TV but became a failed person. 

On this day, there were reports that claimed that Jo Yoon Kyung was signed to an agency to debut as a celebrity but it failed after her father's scandal. 

She said that she wanted to start vlogging to show the process of grad school life and studying (t/n: basically a regular vlogging channel on YouTube) and was in contact with related agencies but she was going to start her own content and thought it was best if she signed with them after finding her own thing. 

She stated that she's aware of all the harsh things that are being said about her and her family and that she's rethinking a lot of things after everything that's happened. She also stated that she's now going to respond to comments and articles that say things that cross the line and aren't true.  

1. [+12981, -258] That's right~~~ What crime did you commit~~~

2. [+7959, -186] Her father is the one who crossed the line, only talk bad about the person who crossed the line, let's not talk bad about the family

3. [+3569, -177] Jo Min Ki must've felt really sorry towards his daughter, in contrast - Cho Jae Hyun seems to prioritize himself over his family 
↪ [+746, -10] Seriously Cho Jae Hyun and Kim Ki Duk absolutely have no conscience

4. [+3591, -391] I'm supporting you! It's best to overcome painful family history! Bury the deceased's pain and focus on the life you have to live, I'm supporting your happiness! Also, to those who have experienced pain because of the deceased, I hope your life can become happy, I'm supporting you (t/n: I'm not sure if my translation is unclear but this commenter is sending support to the victims and Jo Yoon Kyung to live their lives happily now, it's a positive comment)

5. [+3097, -145] Media trash. The bastards who committed a huge mistake are shamelessly enduring it but do they keep having to mess with this family, trash 

6. [+602, -23] She's a smart kid who graduated college early and was going to go to grad school, why would she be interested in the entertainment world.... is there a point to blaming the child for her father's crime? People who are leaving comments that cross the line are also hurting the feelings of others 

7. [+593, -38] Thank goodness she's a smart daughter, I hope you make sure to achieve what you want to do and live happily 

8. [+586, -11] Even her words are careful/cautious.... she's smart and her actions are careful. With Cho Hye Jung, she just uploaded a screenshot of lyrics on her story as if it's her story.... Her brother lives on without even recognizing it... Even if its your parent, you can't be like that when there's victims who'll think about what they experienced when they see you...