Sunday, June 10, 2018

Kian84 makes a donation to his local social welfare organization

He donated 3 million won which is roughly around $3000 to a social welfare organization in Soo Won. In his written note, he wrote: "Always grow up healthy and let's meet again"

1. [+2451, -12] There's no large amount of money when it comes to donation, your intention/heart is most important. He's cool

2. [+662, -7] Good job, donations are to be shared about, it's not even a small amount - claps for good work 

4. [+396, -8]  What's with the people who pressed the "I'm mad" reaction in this post (t/n: it's the red, mad emoji), he made a donation - is that an article to get mad about 

5. [+297, -9]  Kian-ah, good job. I'm supporting you.

6. [+262, -22] Good