Saturday, June 16, 2018

[Produce 48] Choi Yeon Soo reveals that she doesn't want to be known just for being her father's daughter

t/n: Her dad is Chef Choi Hyun Seok, who's known for being one of the OG chefs on 'Take Care of My Refrigerator' 

1. [+7384, -159] It seemed like she wanted to do modeling but in the end, she's also coming out here.. she already let herself be known when she came out on 'A Man Who Feeds the Dog' with her dad but what the heck is she saying now when she says she wants to become known/wants people to know her on her own - what is this nonsense

2. [+3049, -49] If you really wanted to do that, you should've been like Ha Jung Woo who started from the bottom and after he reached the top, he revealed that his father is actor Kim Yong Gun...
↪ [+171, -3] Hul for a moment, it was really cool......
↪ [+325, -4] But amongst 2nd generation celebrities (t/n: basically people who come from celebrity families), there aren't any examples like Ha Jung Woo. Ha Jung Woo is unique   

3. [+2241, -50] She already let herself be known as Choi Hyun Seok's daughter

4. [+1356, -57] You just have to say that she's using her dad ㅋㅋ on the show, you're the who mentions your dad the most, just do what you're doing 

5. [+747, -40] If you were going to do that then you shouldn't have revealed that your his daughter 

6. [+470, -13] She quite lacks the physical for modeling and to be an idol, she quite lacks the visuals. And awkwardly, she thinks she's pretty and keeps on trying to enter the entertainment industry, just follow your dad and cook 

7. [+354, -20] *sigh*     

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