Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sung Dong Il opens up about his personal life and his family on Life Bar

1. [+6262, -32] I supporting this cool dad

2. [+5747, -35] The environment you're brought up in is important but nonetheless I think it's cool that's he's working hard so that they don't have go through the same childhood as him and it's amazing. When filming 'Dad! Where Are We Going?', it made me sad and made my heart hurt when he said that because he didn't receive love from his father, he doesn't know how to give it. He made it an effort to read Joon-ie a book, and it was really nice to see them filming together during 'Reply 1994'. Although you guys couldn't hold a wedding ceremony, I can feel how much you love her and how much deep respect you have for her whenever you talk about how sorry you are towards your wife whenever you come out on TV ^^ I hope you don't change as an actor and as the head of household! 

3. [+2624, -29] It was really touching... that feeling of pride when your child says they want to eat something and you don't need to think/worry about the price and just let them eat it.... (t/n: In this episode, he talked about the comments he gets where people say things like: "Does Sung Dong Il not take a break? He keeps working nonstop" He said that the reason he works like this is because being an actor is his job and that in a situation where his kids tell him: "Dad! I want to eat pizza, can we eat pizza?", he doesn't want to ask them: "How much is it?", he just wants to be able to buy them the food they want to eat without worrying about the price)

4. [+623, -27] Dong Il-hyung nim, I'm always supporting you, I believe that because the Korea's best actor has a past, he has the present right now 

5. [+482, -30] Sung Dong Il-ssi is amazing, I'll support you until the end~

6. [+303, -3] I watched his appearance on 'Knee Drop Guru'... Before Sung Dong Il's father passed away, he contacted him and say he missed him and that he wanted him to come to the funeral but because his pain was too big, Sung Dong Il didn't go. But one day after the funeral, his wife confessed to him that before his father passed away, she took Joon and Bin and introduced them as his grandchildren and she apologized for not telling him. Sung Dong Il thanked her and sobbed.. To be honest, he must've really missed his father.. His wife really seems like a wise individual ㅠㅠ