Sunday, June 10, 2018

Thousands of women march against Korea's molka epidemic

You can read about what caused this gathering here - X. But basically, the people at the gathering were marching against Korea's molka epidemic and biased investigations when it comes molkas. Molka is a combination of the words: mollae (hidden, unknown) + camera. The victims are filmed secretly/unknowingly in public bathrooms, changing rooms, during sex with a partner, or an upskirt video is filmed of the victims while they're walking down the street or in an elevator. According to police data, almost 5,200 sexual harassment cases involving spy-cam footage were reported in 2016. Over 80 percent of the victims were women. The same year, more than 7,300 requests were made to remove revenge porn, which had often been illegally uploaded (The Telegraph, 2018). 

As you might know, it's really hard for victims to get revenge porn taken off of porn sites and it's harder for them to get their cases investigated. But the protest was sparked by the arrest of a female model, who allegedly took a picture of a male colleague naked without his knowledge while he was posing for university fine art students. She posted the picture online and the male colleague was distraught and ridiculed after the picture went viral. Women were surprised, however, by how quickly the police rushed to solve the case – taking under a week to do so. Over 400,000 people have now signed a petition to the presidential Blue House, demanding “equal justice” and claiming that the female suspect has been unfairly treated (The Telegraph, 2018).  

1. [+2045, -467] If we tell you this much times, then listen up. Every day,  we see articles about sexual harassment, sexual assault, molkas to the point where it makes us tired of it but there's no one who's being properly punished 

2. [+6598, -5047] The hannams getting mad here = "I want to watch molka" (t/n: hannam is the combination of the words hangook (Korea) + namja (man) and it's a derogatory slang used against Korean men)

3. [+8279, -6732] Did we ask for something big. We're asking you to not discriminate and punish the same way but why are those men swarming in and getting mad ㅋ

4. [+5951, -4410] I'm supporting you!!! Uncomfortable courage is what changes the world!

1. [+13396, -3543] They're not even covering about them chanting various things that are misandristic but are wrapping it up as if it's just an honorable demonstration of women. The media is trash.

2. [+5649, -1352] We're asking you not to film us illegally but why are you talking about the army/enlisting..? (t/n: A lot of times in the comments, if a female commenter criticizes something, male commenters tell them to also go serve in the army if they want equal rights)

3. [+5698, -1849] Don't film molka, don't rape. If you don't understand these simple words then I just wish you stopped breathing

4. [+4286, -2113] The bastard who films, the bastard who uploads, the bastard who watches - we need to punish all of them!!! I really support you!!! It's cool!!!! It's that obvious that you shouldn't film molka and it's common sense but Korea has to have a demonstration - I support women's life and demonstration!!!   

These comments are a fucking mess... 
But I wanted to still translate it because this molka thing is a serious issue and articles about this demonstration were trending all day yesterday and today.
Sorry for the negativity tho...