Friday, July 6, 2018

[Grandpas Over Flowers Returns Roundup] Episode 2

1. [+1860, -19] The vibes for this season feels calm compared to the other 'Grandpas Over Flowers' seasons. Obviously, the grandpas are excited and the background is also beautiful, and they're laughing because of grandpa Yong Gun, but the vibes feel calm. Is it because grandpa Il Seob's speciality of complaining is gone. That complaining was also a fun element of 'Grandpas Over Flowers'. I hope grandpa Il Seob doesn't worry too much. Even if you go to the same place, everyone's journey is all different. I also like grandpa Il Seob's slow travel. Slowly, slowly while drinking coffee.

2. [+1374, -15] It's nice to see all the flower grandpas gather together and travel 

3. [+1090, -13] Look how scary the public opinion is.... They're not even that age but just say things... I didn't intend for my joints to crumble...

4. [+921, -23] But still, Grandpa Il Seob achieved things in society and has grown old. The thoughtless people here who are shitting on grandpa Il Seob, you won't achieve anything and once you grow old, only then will you cry blood tears.

5. [+631, -9] I'm touched/inspired by grandpa Il Seob....

6. [+380, -5] It's not grandpa Il Seob who changed but Na PD who's changed. Grandpa Il Seob gathers everything in while sitting and observing the active movements and prefers having direct contact with many different people but Na PD wants to show us the stereotypical trip where you have to go to a place, like a museum, he hoped that they would go to a place like that, that's quiet..It's not a package trip but a backpacking trip. They all lived different lives so that's why it's just a bit different, I feel like that's what Na PD began to realize with this season. 

1. [+842, -7] Seeing how much effort Baek Il Seob is putting in is inspiring. 

2. [+329, -4] Towards the end, seeing grandpa Il Seob really makes me think about a lot of things~~ It's touching and tears are coming out for nothing ㅠㅠ

3. [+322, -1] Grandpa Yong Gun who jokes around in the middle is really trivially funny ㅋㅋ

4. [+162, -4] Grandpa Il Seob is really inspiring... Grandpa Yong Gun's humor is really funny, once again - thank you for coming back together healthily 

5. [+142, -1] It seems like all the grandpas' personalities shine~~ Please be healthy always, fighting!!