Sunday, July 1, 2018

Jang Geun Suk's reps deny reports that claimed he was enlisting on the 19th

1. [+1647, -51] Kyah~ (t/n: this is like the sound of scoffing, not fangirling where they go "kyahhh") don't write alternative service and just certainly write it's civil/public service

2. [+614, -26] Why are you public service?

3. [+446, -23] I feel like they seriously need military intense management for celebrities... 

4. [+296, -25] Why are most celebrities level 4? Me and my friends are all level 1-2 (t/n: they're placed in a level after taking a test that measures their physicality and health. If you're placed in level 1-3 -> that means you're usually found healthy enough for active duty, level 3-4 -> civil/public service, level 5-7 -> exemption)

5. [+174, -22] Why is he public service..