Sunday, July 15, 2018

JTBC purchases Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon's Jeju Island house that's featured on the show

1. [+10662, -722] If it's 1.4 billion won then they sold it for really cheap. Hyori really seems like she doesn't have any greed for money 
↪ [+368, -32] It's not that they sold it for cheap but that it's the house's market value 

2. [+7416, -152] They held their wedding at the house and for every anniversary, they take pictures - it must be really tough for Hyori... it's because of people who can't differentiate between TV and reality... 
↪ [+176, -2] That's right...... It's seems like they're selling it because they received a lot of stress...ㅠㅠㅠ It's because of people who have no common sense 

3. [+4099, -166] Even if they don't say it, with that price, they made a deal with each other with manners. To be honest with that price, Lee Hyori must be sad, to build another house with 1.4 billion won then it's time + money 

4. [+1886, -99] That's good, their residence now basically became a tourist attraction, how are they supposed to live there? Their interior was revealed, it must be burdensome 

5. [+1307, -183] It's cheaper than I thought it would be, it looks like it's worth at least twice the value

1. [+1017, -22] How can there be so many people who lack common sense.. After enjoying what they see on TV then that's the end, they even invade their privacy, what do they want that couple to do.. Let's please live by maintaining the basic things~ This is such a shame

2. [+644, -56] I hope JTBC will use it as a pension for their employees

3. [+504, -20] If they go somewhere else then won't people go there as well? Just let them be so they can just rest comfortably....

4. [+201, -17] Isn't it considered trespassing if they go inside the house???

5. [+112, -3] If they had to sell it then it's a million times better than Chinese people buying it