Friday, July 27, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!][Monday-Tuesday Drama Premiere Roundup] Life, Thirty But Seventeen

1. [+631, -19] Cho Seung Woo is seriously a real intense ending. It's a new medical drama. I wish you get a 15% rating.

2. [+311, -15] Only Cho Seung Woo's afterimage remains. With just his one eye gaze, he made us forget all the doctors, interns, and residents - that's just the force itself

3. [+212, -8] Cho Seung Woo didn't have much lines but his screen presence is awesome

4. [+200, -7] I'm curious about actor Lee Kyu Hyung's character's identity...

5. [+133, -9] This is a drama.        

1. [+558, -17] Cho Seung Woo's presence is overwhelming 

2. [+198, -4] This writer is truly a national treasure writer (t/n: this writer also wrote 'Secret Forest'/'Stranger')

3. [+130, -18] Cho Seung Woo you can trust to watch...

4. [+119, -21] Lee Dong Woo is just Ye Jin Woo ㄷㄷ I'm going to make sure to watch it today too

1. [+3685, -155] One of the reasons I feel that Shin Hye Sun is good at acting is because when you watch her new drama, the character doesn't clash with the character from her previous work... As an actor, it's a really big advantage. She's an actor with a big acting spectrum.

2. [+834, -25] This year's rookie award is for Deok Gu (t/n: Deok Gu is the dog that comes out in the drama LOL)

3. [+573, -23] Time really flew by, I'm choosing this as my Monday-Tuesday drama!!! But where did the uncle really go 

4. [+306, -30] Shin Hye Sun Yang Se Jong, wow chemistry is good

5. [+289, -26] It's fun