Monday, July 9, 2018

Park Hae Jin and Nana's upcoming drama 'Four Men' halts its production, staff resigns due to unpaid wages

1. [+2490, -40] After reading the article, basically because of the pathetic production company, the situation is that the director, actors, and staff are all being inconvenienced. How can that pathetic production company who don't even have a lot of financial power work with these skillful staff members and star actors~~ ㅉ (t/n: ㅉ is *tsk, tsk*) The production company needs to secure their funds first and need to prepare it again. ㅉ

2. [+1496, -682] If you dig a little bit more into this, it'll all come out that Park Hae Jin tried to get more money for his appearance. Of course, his fans are going to shield him but Park Hae Jin's entertainment agency was coproducing and called Jang Tae Yoo to get more production cost and raised his appearance fee, after that - they removed their role as part of the production company while Park Hae Jin ended up getting his raised appearance fee. The staff/crew working under them couldn't even get paid and while working, Jang Tae Yoo PD was investing his own money to pay the staff/crew and pictures of him being hospitalized in a mental hospital is coming up because he couldn't beat off the shock. And while this is happening, Park Hae Jin is putting out articles about his good deeds to create an image (t/n: Basically, people are alleging that Park Hae Jin's entertainment agency coproducing the drama at first and recruited Jang Tae Yoo and got the production cost increased and then raised the appearance fee for Park Hae Jin and then his entertainment agency removed themselves from producing but Park Hae Jin got to keep his increased appearance fee but the production itself now couldn't pay its staff/crew so Jang Tae Yoo began paying the staff/crew out of his own pocket and now he's hospitalized at a mental hospital because he's so shocked over what happened. There's pictures here: 1, 2 - he's the one in blue. Please remember that this isn't confirmed yet.)  
↪ [+280, -93] If a project falls through, the people that are the most inconvenienced are the leads, are you that clueless
↪ [+166, -39] Park Hae Jin isn't an actor who's only filmed one thing and stopped, why would he do such a risky thing. He cherishes the staff/crew more than anyone and he's close to many staff/crew members and while filming, he takes care of their birthdays, people who know already know 
↪ [+172, -0] If you don't know, stay quiet. The drama's staff/crew already uploaded a post saying they'll no longer film anymore because of Victory 
↪ [+32, -9] You guys are really writing an incomprehensible fictional story, it's not right to write a story like this because you don't like the actor 
↪ [+209, -28] What's fiction? Originally, the drama was being coproduced by Victory and Park Hae Jin's entertainment agency but after receiving his appearance fee, Park Hae Jin's entertainment agency pulled out of producing the drama before it began filming then with the remaining, Victory - they'll end in smoke. If they were going to pull out, then they shouldn't have been a part of it from the start 

3. [+714, -49] The staff/crew suffers more than the actors... To be honest, isn't it right to give them more than half of what the actor gets 

4. [+308, -15] How can this happen!! I don't think the production company is normal! I was looking forward to director Jang Tae Yoo's work, I hope he recovers soon 

5. [+245, -20] Crazy production company, freaking bastards who don't even have an ounce of business ethics ㅜ ㅜ The entertainment agency who coproduced with this production company, were you blind and deaf? What are you going to do with this incompetent entertainment agency ㅜ ㅜ ㅜ 

6. [+108, -9] The actor gets an appearance fee in the millions, the staff gets paid the monthly standard pay of a typical office worker