Saturday, July 7, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!][Mr. Sunshine Roundup] Episode 1 (premiere)

1. [+4745, -1060] I wish Kang Dong Won played the role ㅠㅠ
↪ [+491, -40] *gasp* I was just thinking that... After Hyun Bin, Song Joong Ki, Gong Yoo, wouldn't Kang Dong Won be next 
↪ [+592, -27] Ah seriously if it was Kang Dong Won, he would've matched well with Kim Tae Ri - imagine how good it would've been
↪ [+743, -142] Why would the descendent of a chinilpa do a drama that's about the transition where Korea is being taken over by the Japanese empire (t/n: chinilpa(s) are basically Korean people who sold their country. While other Koreans were suffering because of being colonized by Japan, chinilpas and their families lived perfectly fine and most still do - most of them are still wealthy.)
↳↳[+392, -44] He's also the descendent of an independence activist 

2. [+3201, -286] The male lead is too old..With 'A Gentleman's Dignity', almost all of the people that came out in it were old so it didn't matter but with this, only Lee Byung Hun is old...

3. [+2523, -201] We (the viewers) never took in Santa either 

4. [+3686, -1475] The drama's produced on a large scale but it's hella boring.
↪ [+586, -82] It was fun to watch though? 
↪ [+110, -26] Just let them be, these type of people are people who go to the movie theater and just eat popcorn and leave 
↪ [+166, -5] Did you want to watch a romcom with a fast plot development from the start.. If you watched it knowing it's a sageuk (historical drama) then just calmly watch it
↪ [+161, -16] I'm not joking but it feels like a well-made masterpiece. There's no acting holes, whether it's the BGM or the cinematography - there's nothing to criticize. I like dramas like 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim' but it feels like you can't compare this because of the cinematic quality 
↪ [+200, -10] 'Goblin' was good since episode 1 

5. [+1891, -353] Was I expecting too much, it was boring..only the cinematography was killer 
↪ [+185, -9] ㅋㅋㅋ the first episode is usually where they introduce the characters and FYI, 'Goblin' also had those reactions at the beginning but it hit daebak 

6. [+1455, -80] I feel like if Kim Nam Gil played the role, it would've matched more
↪ [+147, -2] Sigh..perfect match

7. [+963, -104] It wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Is it because it's still the first episode? It's a bit disappointing and I heard Lee Byung Hun is getting paid 3.2 billion, it makes me wonder if he's that great of a man to be given that much money 

8. [+822, -107] Looking forward to Park Hyo Shin's OST 

1. [+912, -13] So that's why they were reincarnated and met again in the special forces 
↪ You are my everythinggggggg~~~~ (t/n: Nate's replies don't have upvotes/downvotes)

2. [+450, -29] The U.S. expedition to Korea in 1871 is a heavy story, writer Kim Eun Sook is a romcom 

3. [+361, -58] But Kim Ji Won died too slow... it was annoying ㅠㅠ she was hit by so many bullets... 

4. [+50, -1] It would've been better if these two were the leads

1. [+526, -74] I know how I'll feel after watching tomorrow's episode with the adults but for me, episode 1 was just so-so. I feel like modern dramas are the best for writer Kim Eun Sook

2. [+523, -61] It feels like they mixed things from here and there

3. [+409, -59] You can kind of get immersed into it ㅠㅠ