Wednesday, July 4, 2018

'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim' continues to succeed while all the Wednesday-Thursday dramas on public broadcast networks have ratings below 5%

The first episode of 'Your House Helper' (KBS) recorded ratings of 4.1%. The drama that aired in that slot before 'Your House Helper' was 'Suits' and their last episode recorded a rating of 10.7%. 'Come and Hug Me' (MBC) recorded ratings between 3.8%-5.2% while 'Handsome Guy and Jung Eum' (SBS) recorded ratings between 2.4%-3.0%. 

All the dramas on the public broadcast networks recorded ratings below 5% while 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim' (tvN) recorded a rating of 7.8% and came out in first place for ratings between all the dramas that aired in the same slot. 

1. [+346, -26] Wednesdays and Thursdays are for 'Secretary Kim' ^^

2. [+165, -20] 'Come and Hug Me' is really fucking good 

3. [+120, -21] They use idols who can't verify their acting abilities and instantly put them in female lead roles and even if they make a drama flop, they can't get it straight and once again use that idol and push them out as a female lead, what relationship does KBS exactly have with those female idols that they keep on pushing them out?

4. [+87, -18] Although there are people who haven't seen 'Come and Hug Me', it's the type of drama where if you watch it once, you won't be able to get out of it. Try watching it, I highly recommend it, 'Come and Hug Me'