Sunday, August 26, 2018

Actor Kim Jung Hyun withdraws from MBC 'Time' due to health concerns

You can read about why he's withdrawing from the drama, here - X (cr. Soompi)

1. [+9338, -341] Everyone has their own reasons

2. [+9442, -1370] When I first saw him as Mori (t/n: from 'Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People'), I thought he was charming. When he got into an attitude controversy this time with 'Time', before I watched the drama, I thought: "Was he normally a rude bastard??" but, by chance, I watched a rerun of 'Time' and he's really good at acting. Something like he pours all of his emotions into his role?? Looking past his personality, I felt that he was immersed into his role. Originally, people who are in the arts need craziness to succeed. Think that because you love acting so much, it's like that. Looking forward to your next work
↪ [+195, -5] I agree, when he came out as Mori, I really thought he was a good actor and I was looking forward to 'Time' because of actor Kim Jung Hyun.. Take care of your health and let's meet again in your next work

3. [+6753, -171] He can't sleep and on top of that, if their psychological problems get worse, they develop depression.. I hope he recovers soon.. If you get depressed once, it's easy for it to relapse. Somber feelings and depression are different from the start. It's better if you don't get it from the start.. It makes me wonder if it's not a panic disorder.

4. [+3149, -153] Health is the priority

5. [+5323, -2774] It's right to be considerate about him being sick but.. I don't think he should act.. 

6. [+1896, -73] Honestly, I think because he's the main role, he should have some sense of responsibility but it's not like he's withdrawing because he's having issues with the production company like Han Ye Seul and Go Hyun Jung, he's withdrawing because he's sick, aren't people who are commenting hate comments and saying he's an inconvenience and what, being too hard on him - is a sense of responsibility more of an issue than a person's life? They're saying he can't sleep or eat, do you know how hard it is for a person if they can't do those two things? If he goes forward with work in that condition and something bad happens, who's responsibility is that????? While living, money, honor, fame is all good but your health is the best.