Thursday, August 9, 2018

Actress Na Hye Mi making a drama comeback with KBS 'My Only One'

The article is saying that she's making a drama comeback after 4 years and that this is also her first drama since marrying Shinhwa member/actor Eric. According to the article, her last drama was 'Melody of Love' in 2014 but other places list her last drama as being 'My Sassy Girl' in 2017. But in both those dramas, she only had minor roles. 

1. [+1596, -58] It's an opportunity given by Eric

2. [+1059, -46] Why did her face change so much 

3. [+400, -46] Who gave you the opportunity?

4. [+372, -26] She did a drama 4 years ago? Wasn't 'High Kick' her only work

5. [+364, -22] It makes me wonder if she's at a level where they keep changing the articles throughout the afternoon and maintain it on the front page...      

1. [+1018, -95] Why does Uee keep coming out ㅜㅜ... And as a lead too..
↪ [+147, -38] Is she not allowed to come out? 'Marriage Contract', 'My Husband Oh Jak Doo' and other works she's appeared in during the past couple of years, her acting was all good and the ratings also came out well ㅋㅋ She can be casted; what wrong did Uee do... 

2. [+662, -100] Na Hye Mi's career is only her being a supporting role in 'High Kick' but why does she keep trying to go with her husband's popularity? Hong Eun Hee did the same after marrying Yoon Joon Sang and it was so-so but this couple's career gap is bigger than Hong Eun Hee and Yoon Joon Sang's

3. [+467, -27] When is Shinhwa going to give refunds for their concert in Japan? It seems like one year passed

4. [+314, -11] Strong acting skills? ㅎㅎ

5. [+128, -6] Since when did Na Hye Mi have strong acting skills? Has she even acted a lot?