Monday, August 27, 2018

Actress Park Hae Mi's husband involved in drunk driving accident that kills 2 people

Her husband is musical director Hwang Min. His blood alcohol concentration was 0.104% and it's the level where your driver's license will be revoked. Two people died and three (including Hwang Min) were hurt and taken to the hospital. The two victims who passed away were members of the musical. They were all riding the same car. 

1. [+13306, -136] What fault does she have for meeting the wrong spouse..

2. [+6827, -91] What crime did Park Hae Mi commit.... Sigh...... May they rest in peace

3. [+5412, -77] Of course, morally, she and her husband should feel sorry but it's undoubtedly her husband who committed the crime and not Park Hae Mi. I don't know why you're cursing at the person who's also apologizing. 

4. [+4119, -239] Aren't they guilty for riding in a car with a drunk driver?  

5. [+2943, -99] What crime did Park Hae Mi commit...