Monday, August 6, 2018

[Along with the Gods 2 Interview Roundup] Ha Jung Woo + Lee Jung Jae

The film premiered on the 1st and has been recording records every day. As of August 7, the film has already sold 7 million tickets. On the topic of 'Along with the Gods Part 2', Ha Jung Woo said: "To be honest, when I was reading the script, I liked part 2 more than part 1. I decided on coming out in the film after reading part 2..." 

According to the actor, the biggest difference between part one and two is that because the drama in part one was so strong, there wasn't time to see the characters. In part two, you'll be able to see the characteristics of the three angels of death (Ha Jung Woo, Ju Ji Hoon, Kim Hyang Gi) and drama. 

1. [+1713, -13] An amazing actor who didn't use his father's glory.. (t/n: In case you didn't know, Ha Jung Woo is the son of actor Kim Yong Gun. The commenter is praising him for not using his father's name to push his career)
↪ [+72, -1] Cool father, cool son
↪ [+28, -1] Because he didn't want to do that (succeed because of his father's glory), he also changed his name
↪ [+52, -1] I feel like he already became a bigger actor than his father, he's forreal an actor you can trust to watch
2. [+440, -19] Personally, I thought the storyline in part two was better than part one. Ju Ji Hoon, Kim Hyang Gi, and Lee Jung Jae had a lot more scenes than they did in part one and the acting was a lot better.

3. [+191, -7] I came after watching the countryside mouse interview video and now I keep thinking about that (t/n: During a press interview with the 'Along with the Gods' cast, fans were able to send pictures to the cast through a messaging app and one of Ha Jung Woo's fan posted a meme about him which is called 'countryside mouse' and during the interview he said: "I know all about those pictures and their names. I also know that I'm a potato. You thought I didn't know, right? I know it all." LOLOL)

4. [+94, -7] It's fun if you watch part one and then part two

5. [+76, -9] I came back from enjoying the movie!!

Although he came out in the film as a special appearance, he's receiving attention because he's been actively appearing with the cast in press conferences, interviews, stage greetings, media previews, etc. On this topic, Lee Jung Jae said, "It's a perfect supporting role. If you base it on the order of names (during the credits), it could've been the seventh or eighth name that's listed or it could've even been listed more below but it feels like director Kim Yong Hwa kindheartedly took care of me (and put him as a special appearance). I think of it as him taking care of me and trying to show me in a better way." He had to do promotions for part two and thought it would be better for the movie if he promoted the movie more actively but he didn't realize he would get this much attention for it. The actor said, "I don't know if I should do it this much. Ha ha."

When the topic of him having a lot of memorable characters came up, Lee Jung Jae smiled warmly and gave thanks. The actor said, "The most important thing to an actor is a character but if many people remember me as a good character, it's something I'm really thankful for. Because another precious character has been added to my filmography, I think I should say thank you to director Kim Yong Hwa."

1. [+662, -11] Aside from everything else, King Yeomra is really handsome.. Yesterday, in the movie at around the end, he smiiiiiiiled and I was in awe~~

2. [+255, -8] As expected, Yeomra also stands out for being handsome. I like Lee Jung Jae's voice.

3. [+180, -3] His voice is really nice in 'Along with the Gods'. I realized again that he's an actor with a really nice voice. His voice has seriousness, the tone is also good, I became a fan~

4. [+91, -7] He's the sexiest Yeomra in history.. I feel like it's also hard for people to be able to cooly pull off a wig!

5. [+78, -9] He's seriously handsome even if he ages... King Yeomra, please come out in part three too~ ^^