Sunday, August 19, 2018

'Animal Farm' makes viewers cry with their coverage of a dog that waits for its owner in front of an empty house

The neighbor contacted the production team of 'Animal Farm' about a Baekgu (t/n: A baekgu is a white-colored Jindo) that's been waiting in front of a empty house for 10 days. The dog just sits and stares at the empty house's door. The neighbor felt bad so they would feed the dog but the dog wouldn't move from the area. 

The production team started asking around about the home owner and learned that the 90 year old resident all of a sudden collapsed and was hospitalized. While the grandfather was being hospitalized, the dog went outside the house. The grandfather's cognitive impairment is so severe that he can't even recognize the doctor that treats him daily, he has dementia. But when you show him a picture of the baekgu, the grandfather says, "Jang Goon" and clearly remembers the dog. 

The grandfather told the production team of 'Animal Farm', "I suddenly came to the hospital so I couldn't even tell (the dog) I was coming." On this episode, they showed a scene of Jang Goon visiting the hospital the grandfather was hospitalized in. 

Link to the episode - 

1. [+3744, -81] While watching this, I seriously cried my eyes off ㅠㅠ The grandpa cherishes Jang Goon that much, the grandpa's children shouldn't be like that. During this heatwave, the dog was locked out of the house - they should've at least check up on the dog or leave the dog with someone. If it wasn't for the neighbor, the dog almost became an abandoned dog. Even if the grandpa has dementia, look how he recognized Jang Goon immediately ㅠㅠ Jang Goon-ah, eat well now, meet a good owner, and live happily~ 

2. [+2520, -19] Thank goodness the dog followed the owner out while he was being taken to the hospital~ If not, I feel like the dog would've starved to death in the house.. What would've happened if the dog was locked in the house in this heat with no one to give it food... The dog doesn't even bark.. The dog looks so nice~

3. [+1140, -15] He has dementia but only recognizes Jang Goon, Jang Goon also thinks of him as a parent and that's why they say they're family.. No, it's something more than that

4. [+746, -42] I hope the dog can meet a good owner, until then - I'm looking forward to them not letting anyone take the dog and I hope the people around look after the dog. I want to raise the dog but I'm already raising an abandoned baekgu. You can't even let people who are planning to tie the dog up in the lawn to even loiter around

5. [+711, -12] Although it's a dog, seeing how it recognizes its owner and waiting is cool and touching. I hope the grandpa gets better soon and they live together. 

I'm going to go and hug my dog...