Thursday, August 2, 2018

[Article Translation] Actress Hwang Bo Ra opens up about her 6 year relationship with Cha Hyun Woo

She did an interview after wrapping up 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim'. She revealed that she receives acting advice from Cha Hyun Woo, his older brother Ha Jung Woo, and his father Kim Yong Gun. She said that Cha Hyun Woo and Ha Jung Woo are really good mentors and that she considers Ha Jung Woo and Kim Yong Gun role models. 

On the topic of public dating, she revealed that she was against it but couldn't stop it because an article was published about her dating Cha Hyun Woo so she had to acknowledge it. She said that there's no advantage to dating publicly. On her public relationship, "We dated for so long. We dated for more than six years and the advantage is that it's strong. I was in the position where I was against public dating/relationships but because the article went out, I had no choice but to admit it. The con is that no one cares about me, they don't think of me as a woman, life isn't fun. Isn't this an honest interview." 

On the topic of marriage, she said that in the past she didn't want to get married but now she does. She wants to get married to a person she met for a long time and a person who has faith. She wants to get married before she gets older and before she has children at an old age. The actress added, "You don't know what's gonna happen in life but if I'm to get married, I think one day I'll get married to this person (Cha Hyun Woo)." 

1. [+1429, -12] You're pretty, cute, and charming ♡

2. [+752, -11] Hul I didn't know......ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ Hwang Bo Ra overflows with charm...ㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+653, -19] She's really the top amongst young actresses these days when it comes to comedic acting. She's really good at acting and charming. Even in 'Secretary Kim' she was definitely the scene stealer.

4. [+428, -11] Hul~ Is she going to become Kim Yong Gun's daughter-in-law? If they get married, her husband's family are all good people and because they have a sense of humor, she's going to have a fun time! Hwang Bo Ra's also rumored to have a good personality..

5. [+113, -14] She's an actor that's quite good at acting 

My sister-in-law favorite actor ㅠㅠ
I haven't watched 'WWWSK' but she's always super funny in all of her roles!
I hope she gets even more successful ♡