Saturday, August 25, 2018

[Article Translation] People adopt corgis as the breed became trendy, but end up abandoning the dogs

Happy and Bread who were adopted only because of their appearance but were abandoned

Happy smiles brightly at a dog park

Original Source (Hankook Ilbo via Naver): 'Short legs and bread-like butt'...Welsh corgis who were adopted as they became trendy but were abandoned

Dogs and the idea of raising dogs become popular as they're featured on variety shows and become popular on social media. But animal protection groups worry when breeds on introduced on shows because there are many dogs who get adopted as their breed gets trendy/popular but there are that many dogs that get abandoned. 

Welsh corgis' trademark is their bread-like butts and short legs and that breed became more known after being featured on an animal show. From the time of the broadcast, there's been word that the possibility of the Welsh corgi breed being abandoned will increase but Happy (1 year old, female) and Bread (1 year old, male) is proof that that concern has become reality.

Happy is here smiling at the adoption event, looking to find a new family. He was abandoned after being adopted without the family's consent and passed off this one home to another.

Happy and Bread have in common that they were adopted only after looking at their appearance but being abandoned. Welsh corgis are known for their gold fur but they have a characteristic where that much fur sheds, also because they have so much energy - they're a breed where you have to take them out to exercise. Other dogs are the same but Welsh corgis really require a lot of attention (t/n: attention as in, you need to groom them, take them out, etc - a lot of work).

Happy was rashly adopted without the family's consent and was abandoned. A coworker who learned about the situation took in Happy but the dog wasn't welcomed in that home. After, while a family was fostering Happy, they trusted Happy at a dog preschool and that's where Happy's connection began with 'People who are finding happiness for abandoned animals' - a volunteer group that assists abandoned dogs. Bread's family personally rescinded their ownership at a hospital and was abandoned. They say the reason he was abandoned is because the family didn't have time to raise him. In Bread's case, he was even scared of a leash because he's never worn leash before, it also took him a long time to get close to the other dogs. The volunteer group said, "Both of them shed a lot, when they bark, their barks are loud, you also need to exercise them a lot and what not. Without knowing the breed's characteristics, they're the case where people adopted them after only looking at their appearance and then abandoned them. Welsh corgis aren't breeds where you can adopt them after just looking at their butts."

 Bread was adopted for his perfect appearance but because of the reason that the family didn't have time for him, he was abandoned at a hospital

Happy and Bread both like people and have no health problems. But they just need a family who can spend a lot of time with them and take them out for walks. Is there no one out there who can love Happy and Bread, who experienced the pain of being abandoned, not just for their appearance but also for their energetic personality and even their shedding?  

1. [+3524, -329] People who eat dogs are more honest ㅋㅋ They just say "pet, pet" but in actuality, their responsibilities - if they don't like the dog, they're dog owners who abandon the dog ㅋㅋ

2. [+1624, -75] I think it's right for animal protection groups to promote how to properly raise companion animals and teach manners and what not rather than the dog meat controversy. Sometimes, there are a lot of times where I'm dumbfounded by animal protection groups' protests      

3. [+1542, -23] A lot of money goes into raising a dog. Every month, I basically spend about 200,000 won. If they get sick, I'm thinking that I'll spend more. If you don't have time, don't have money, don't have your family's consent - seriously don't think about raising a dog and don't buy them at shops

4. [+1363, -24] What's the point of raising them if you're going to abandon them? Motherfuckers 

5. [+920, -7] Welsh corgis are a breed that doesn't fit a Korean-style household. Their personalities are good but they shed a lot. They shed to the point where it's hard to manage, for apartments, it's better to raise breeds like poodle, maltese, shih tzus.Basically, there's reason why there's some breeds that many raise and some breeds many don't raise. In this case, I recommend a poodle. They don't shed at all and because they're smart, they're the suitable breed for a household dog.  
↪ [+224, -29] There's no dog on earth that doesn't shed at all

6. [+305, -0] I like dogs and cats but I don't raise them...... Because I like them where I can just see them - If you don't have the confidence to be responsible for them until they go to heaven, it's right not to raise them.