Sunday, August 12, 2018

Han Hye Jin shows a glimpse of her late night poolside adventure

On her Instagram, she posted this picture with the caption: "Beautiful night🇸🇬❤️hm". Fans and people are assuming that the 'HM' is for Hyun Moo.

1. [+2564, -149] I feel like Han Hye Jin is really cool!! I'll also support your love~

2. [+1666, -27] Wow... Models are really different ㅠㅠㅠㅠ (t/n: they're talking about her proportions)

3. [+1126비, -64] I had a feeling ever since they all of a sudden added Simon D into the cast and began going around doing elections for the chairman position, they're going to get married soon

4. [+504, -23] When you can be in love, don't care about others and just love hard ^^ You really, really look good together!!! ^^ 

5. [+288, -41] They're a couple that matches well ❤️ you're pretty

6. [+216, -20] Aren't they lovers that boost each others' pride.. If he goes to a meeting in the announcer industry, he can say his girlfriend is top model Han Hye Jin... In the model industry, she can say that her boyfriend is past announcer Jun Hyun Moo.. Their qualifications aren't inferior.. He reached the top by getting a daesang for his MCing.. They're the best for each other.. I'm jealous