Friday, August 3, 2018

Han Hyo Joo is curious about why the reactions to 'Illang: The Wolf Brigade' is divided

1. [+7022, -264] I'm curious about why you keep getting casted as the main character in films 
↪ [+184, -5] It's interesting how she's the only one who doesn't know 
↪ [+132, -11] I really liked her during 'Brilliant Legacy' and 'Dong Yi'  but as time passes, it's more and more a downhill... I was shocked after seeing her having a pissing contest with Kim Nam Joo, it seems like her image and personality are separate (t/n: In 2010, Kim Nam Joo and Han Hyo Joo both won the daesang for 'Queen of Reversal' and 'Dong Yi'. This is popular gossip/tea amongst netizens but they feel like there was a pissing contest/power struggle/war of nerves (there's no direct translation for for 기싸움) between Kim Nam Joo and Han Hyo Joo that night. Kim Nam Joo is Han Hyo Joo's senior/sunbae but she let Han Hyo Joo go first for her award speech while Kim Nam Joo stepped back behind her. Han Hyo Joo gave her speech first, then it was supposed to be Kim Nam Joo's speech, and Kim Yong Man was supposed to give the closing speech the awards show. Kim Nam Joo gave her speech after Han Hyo Joo but then after Kim Nam Joo finished, Kim Yong Man says: "Han Hyo Joo-ssi, you said you have something to add? Please hurry and do it." So then Han Hyo Joo goes up again after Kim Nam Joo and then begins listing off people she worked with. Then Kim Nam Joo said, "Oh! Me too...", saying she forgot some people and then listed some people. And then, Han Hyo Joo said she forgot again and then lastly thanked her fans. Kim Yong Man then quickly closed the show. You can watch it here, it's a bit awkward LOL - X)

2. [+2715, -79] There's an issue with the screenplay but I feel like the dislike towards you contributed a lot
↪ [+93, -2] There must be something about an actor's like or dislike but I'm tired of the audience being blamed when a movie flops 

3. [+2054, -47] The reactions aren't divided/mixed, they're all just dislikes 

4. [+815, -41] I couldn't get immersed into Han Hyo Joo's acting... It's my first time yawning at a melo scene 
↪ [+33, -87] Just say you're jealous that she's pretty.. How can you shit on her acting

5. [+421, -9] It's probably because they don't like you, unni. The day your younger brother and father apologizes is the day people will properly see unni's acting skills. 

6. [+426, -1] I don't know if she's dumb or if she doesn't read comments. Do the people around you not tell you anything? 

7. [+372, -7] It's because of your murderer bastard of a younger brother and you, you shameless bitch