Thursday, August 9, 2018

Hyolyn reveals why she has a tattoo on her abdomen

t/n: She was born with fluid filled in her abdominal cavity. As soon as she was born, she was placed in an incubator and was diagnosed as a child with cancer. She got surgery for Biliary atresia and after being discharged, she received surgery again a year after for intussusception. 

She revealed that her stomach scar was a big complex for her so she wondered how it would be if she got a tattoo to cover up her scar. The shape ended up looking like a cross. After getting her tattoo, she revealed that her complex disappeared and that she got confident. 

She also revealed that she sometimes receives mail from parents who have children with the same illness as her and they tell her that they receive strength from seeing her. 

1. [+1376, -18] Hyolyn was sick when she was born ㅜㅜ Imagine how much her parents' hearts hurt but still, she grew up healthily and as the best singer so her parents must be happy. Take good care of your health, my child was also sick immediately after they were born and I'm a parent who still raises them and feed them medicine everyday so with those feelings, my eyes went towards this article

2. [+339, -16] I feel like she would be a big strength for those who are experiencing the same thing as her. During summers, I would only listen to Sistar's music but are they not interested in getting back together.. Anyways, please give us a lot of good songs~

3. [+222, -20] Aigoo, imagine how painful it was.... I feel like her parents' bodies and heart also hurt. For parents, it hurts more when their children are hurt rather than their own bodies being hurt. I feel like Hyolyn washed away all that pain by growing up upright and brightly and for succeeding~~ Always be healthy and please promote more~ You're so good at singing~~ ^^

4. [+179, -6] Seeing how well she grew up to be and seeing how she became a cool singer, her parents must be pleased. I didn't know her tattoo had a meaning like this, it must've been really hard    

1. [+859, -21] So she had story like this.. It must've hurt more since she was getting a tattoo on her scar.. Scar tissue is more sensitive.. 

2. [+180, -19] Antis talked shit cause she said she was getting a tattoo ㅠ She got a tattoo because of a scar she got from getting a surgery when she was young and she got a tattoo of a cross ㅜㅜ

3. [+144, -18] I also want to do that. My wound area is too wide so it doesn't get better with surgery so I tried this and that so I want to get a tattoo. But I'm worried about how people will view me if I had a tattoo that (the size of their wound) big. It doesn't matter if that tattoo is small but I live in the countryside so I feel like it's conservative 

4. [+85, -13] Hyolyn, let's always stay strong!!