Thursday, August 23, 2018

Jay Park opens up about Simon D resigning from his CEO position at AOMG

In the episode, Jay Park said that Simon D had a lot of thoughts about his album and because Jay Park was busy, he didn't get to talk to him much in recent days, and then Simon D revealed that he's resigning as CEO. Simon D then released the song 'Me No Jay Park', the song's album art is also his resignation letter. Simon D sent Jay the lyrics and said, "This type of position (CEO position) is really burdensome and that he doesn't have the right to hold this position." People were saying things like, "Are they having issues?" and "Is 'Me No Jay Park' a diss track?" and Jay Park said, 'Me No Jay Park' isn't a diss track and their relationship isn't bad. His resignation is a personal decision made by Simon D himself and Jay Park respects that. 

Yoon Jong Shin added, "An artist shouldn't be a CEO" and Jay Park replied, "Yeah, it's really hard."     

1. [+1594, -23] Saimhan~ Saimhan Dominic, always hwaiting (t/n: 사임 (Saim) is the Korean word for resign, so they're making a pun with the lyrics to Simon D's song 'Simon Dominic')

2. [+1204, -13] If it was a discord, then he wouldn't have let go of his CEO position but would've left the company

3. [+462, -17] As always, it's the journalists who create the discord. He must've had a reason to resign but the problem is that there's a ton of simple minded trash journalists who think the only reason he resigned is due to a discord. And then, later they say, "If not, whatever. End." It's sure easy to be a journalist.

4. [+169, -13] Ssam Park, both of you, fighting   

5. [+145, -13] I'm supporting CEO Park Jae Bum and Simon D-nim too. Please give us more good music~