Monday, August 27, 2018

Lee Sun Bin turns down offer to replace Nana as the female lead in 'Four Men'

Original Source (Ilgan Sports via Naver): Lee Sun Bin turns down off for the female lead of 'Four Men'

1. [+164, -2] Just shut the drama down.... 

2. [+25, -4] Is there reason for her to clean up poop - seriously, I feel like if you join this, it'll be the second Go Hyun Jung situation 

3. [+16, -2] Good decision, a different good opportunity will come!! Fighting!

4. [+14, -2] Sun Bin-ssi, hwaiting

1. [+251, -1] At this rate, just shut the drama down.. Who would come out in it

2. [+96, -2] After making it seem like they didn't give her an offer of course she would turn it down

3. [+28, -3] Then don't produce the drama 'Four Men'. All the actors keep quitting. Just don't film it. Don't even air the drama 'Four Men'. Who would watch it???

4. [+25, -0] Pay people a bit and then film and stop always thinking about scamming people. The broadcast stations are acting clueless and the production company is embroiled in legal issues. Who would want to film this