Wednesday, August 8, 2018

MBC's 'PD Notebook' delves deeper into actor Cho Jae Hyun and director Kim Ki Duk's sexual assault allegations

1. [+2423, -5] Seriously disgusting

2. [+1143, -18] Why are they not arresting and investigating? Because they have a lot of money and support? Victims are flowing out but what exactly is the reason that they're not investigating?

3. [+554, -8] Kim Saeng Min's celebrity life was ruined immediately because of sexual harassment but what is power or money that Cho Jae Hyun and Kim Ki Duk are living comfortably

4. [+392, -6] They're really a set of trash

5. [+208, -1] The people who were assaulted need to take medicine for the rest of their lives and want to desperately get rid of those memories.. You bastards gave birth to daughters, eat, go on trips, do you want to live like that?? I think the film industry, producers, and people who just let them be are scarier. I see your responsibility as being bigger for letting them loose like that like their crazy animals. Acting like you didn't see or hear anything when you were aware. Actors, you probably all knew after hearing it from somewhere.. How are you guys are any better?? Saying it's not your problem ㅡㅡ

1. [+3772, -51] Why is Cho Jae Hyun and Kim Ki Duk still not getting punished? There are that many witnesses. Or how long many months have you been just investigating?

2. [+3083, -43] Arrest them, they should be arrested

3. [+2829, -30] Trash like bastards, get investigated and be properly punished...

4. [+120, -0] Filming a variety show with his kids and wife when he's like this, he fell flat down.. Why are you living, why do you live like that;