Thursday, August 23, 2018

Nana reveals her intent to withdraw from 'Four Men'

Her reps revealed to the production company their intent to withdraw from the production of 'Four Men'. Some of the issues they cited included filming being halted and more. Both sides tried to come up with an amicable agreement but weren't able to come up with a conclusion. It's highly likely that Nana won't be attending the script reading that's scheduled for the 25th. 

You can read more about this here - X (Soompi)

1. [+4620, -36] Because the broadcaster's unpaid wages and late payments is so common, I wish the production companies and broadcasting companies would get it together. Don't mediaplay as if the drama well through because one actor withdrew.. Even in the workplace, it's right to quit if they didn't pay you for months.. 

2. [+1345, -33] Nana might've made a wise decision.. Since she's only in 4 episodes, if she filmed more and said she was quitting, the issue could've been bigger....

3. [+973, -44] This is a work where even if they continue filming, the result is obvious.. It had issues even before airing, there's no way it's going to succeed. It wise to just step out of it early. The production company should hurry up and pay off its overdue wages and fold it up (t/n: by "fold it up", they mean just stop the drama and leave it be)

4. [+346, -147] Visually, Nana and Park Hae Jin matched well, will we not be able to watch it.. But I'm curious..

5. [+111, -23] The production company is seriously a problem ~*~?!