Saturday, August 11, 2018

[REQUEST][Article Translation] Director Kim Yong Hwa expresses his desire to bring back Do Kyungsoo for future installments of 'Along With the Gods'

During an interview, the director was asked whether he's discussed the possibility of season 2 (part 3 & 4) with the actors. The director answered, "About season 2 (part 3 & 4), I've discussed about it seriously." In past interviews, Ha Jung Woo, Ju Ji Hoon, and Lee Jung Jae have talked positively about the possibility of appearing in future installments. 

If part 3 and 4 are produced, the possible reappearance of Do Kyungsoo is receiving attention. On this topic, director Kim Yong Hwa said, "If part 3 and 4 are made, Do Kyungsoo's appearance is certain and furthermore, Mr. Jin will need to join. So all of this is possible if there's a lot of people saying "they need to make part three and four". If the viewers say the opposite and say, "It's enough, stop." then we would need to stop." (t/n: Mr. Jin is the lawyer character Jin Ki Han from the webtoon. He's super popular and when the movie was announced and people found out he wasn't appearing, a lot of people were mad LOL)

1. [+1425, -52] I'm really looking forward to the story of special attention soldier Won Dong Yeon that will fill part three and the next installment, part four. I hope we can hear good news soon. (t/n: By the term 'special attention soldier', I used that term because there's no formal translation for the term '관심사병'. It's basically a soldier who's under special care or more attention because they're mentally unfit, depressed, etc. In the movie, Do Kyungsoo's character is a suicidal soldier)

2. [+638, -52] I'm a fan of actor Do Kyungsoo but he's really good at acting. In the movie screen, he's not a celebrity that I support but I see him just like the role he's playing of the special attention soldier. If they produce a part three to 'Along With the Gods', let's make our actor Do Kyung Soo the main character as he has the acting, character, mannerism, and face all down for special attention soldier Won Dong Yeon Private Won!!!!!♥️ fighting

3. [+390, -26] I really want a part three, director-nim, I want to see more of Do Kyungsoo's acting for Private Won!

4. [+274, -27] I really enjoyed 'Along With the Gods' part one and two, I think it'll be a good idea if they make a part three and four. Through 'Along With the Gods', I saw the possibility that Korea can create their style of a Marvel film! I'll look forward to part three and four!

5. [+135, -16] We want part three!!