Monday, August 13, 2018

Seo In Young tries to clarify her cursing and power trip controversy

Background Info: In 2017, a video of Seo In Young was leaked where you can hear her demanding things and cursing. She was on the set of JTBC's 'With You' where she was doing a relationship program again with Crown J. Shortly after the video came out, she went on hiatus and then she's been trying to come back and people aren't here for it. 

You can read more about this situation in depth here - X (Soompi)

1. [+12636, -87] Is it alright for you to do that to your manager?

2. [+3198, -54] How does it make it different if you did it to your manager? 

3. [+2561, -59] So you're saying it's alright for you to cuss at your manager when there's staff members all around you? Are you sure you didn't cuss so that the staff members can hear you?

4. [+2270, -62] Group leader representative, saint leader: Park Jung Ah from Jewelry, Lee Ji Hye from S#arp
↪ [+1236, -6] She took in Jo Min Ah, Seo In Young, and Ye Won - Park Jung Ah is a living saint 
↪ [+199, -5] Wow how many people did Park Jung Ah carry 

5. [+2157, -25] You can't cuss at the main writer but you can cuss at your manager? Wow she's the typical person who acts weak in front of stronger people and strongly power trips in front of weaker people ㅉㅉ

6. [+878, -6] She must've felt really wronged when she was at home!!!! She didn't cuss at the writer but her manager and people didn't even know properly and were saying things. The problem itself was that she cussed like that to another individual, Seo In Young must've thought that the situation ended up like this because people still thought she cussed at the writer. ㅜㅜ

7. [+705, -3] The fact that she did it to her manager, that article from that time about her saying it wasn't her power tripping is more shocking. Saying that she wasn't power tripping over her manager, is it alright for you to behave in any type of way because you give him his monthly income? Saying this is an explanation...