Thursday, August 23, 2018

Shin Jung Hwan to make a guest appearance on 'Knowing Bros' with other Roo'ra members

1. [+9407, -878] 'Knowing Bros' is just going all out... Lee Sang Min isn't even funny, leave [the show]

2. [+6041, -200] Lee Sang Min is coming out in all this and that - that it now seems like he's going to drag Shin Jung Hwan out, seems like we'll also see Go Young Wook soon   

3. [+5314, -286] 'Knowing Bros' must have a lot of guts... Because we let people who had issues with taxes, gambling, and bankruptcies breathe, even dengue fever is coming out... (t/n: Shin Jung Hwan was caught gambling and also lied about having dengue fever)

4. [+2207, -145] I won't be watching because it's uncomfortable. Of course, it's your own choice. 

5. [+1316, -124] No wonder, it's been boring these days ㅋ it's the last batch of the season and they're going towards makjang ㅋ

1. [+6221, -523] This is really unbelievable and shameless. Is he going to try and come out on TV again?

2. [+2957, -155] Why don't they also invite Go Young Wook, ah seriously 

3. [+2445, -102] Is this a criminal special? Don't come out and do self-deprecating comedy;; It's not even funny and what is it to brag about, it's really annoying to see when celebrities try to make jokes about their scandals ㅋㅋㅋ Instead, they should give another opportunity to celebrities who are promoting sincerely.

4. [+2101, -144] This is totally Lee Sang Min using his power.. Really disappointed.. Roo'ra special, my ass.. Why are they inviting a past, forgotten group who no one cares about.. It seems like they wanted to invite Shin Jung Hwan but had no reason

5. [+1834, -124] What's with Shin Jung Hwan? To the reporter who went to cover him in Singapore, he said that he's not going to work as a celebrity. Is 'Knowing Bros' insane