Tuesday, August 28, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!][Life Roundup] Episode 12

Nationwide ratings for Episode 11: 6.483% (cr. Nielsen Korea)

1. [+967, -21] Gapdeujang: The drama's genre suddenly changes

2. [+948, -212] What exactly is Ye Jin Woo's character? He acts all righteous but what exactly is Ye Jin Woo's character?? Is that righteous, really? He actually makes moves based on his personal emotions. Because of him, the situation around him is more tangled up and becoming more of a struggle but if there are people like him in real life, the whole team gets tangled up and breaks down. Also, did that informant die because of the chaebols? At the end, one newspaper company wanted to save themselves and this happened because they threw the informant under the bus *sigh* this is frustrating

3. [+723, -43] But because this is the writer of 'Secret Forest', it's a bit early to be disappointed.. Once they see the ending, everyone is going to slap their knee. "Ah so that's why we were eating goguma back then... Ah so that's why we had to be disappointed then.." I'm going to trust that and go forward 

4. [+688, -22] The journalist that revealed the informant's face is the absolute worst

5. [+513, -17] It ends with the newspaper company not reflecting until the very end 

1. [+346, -2] 'Life' isn't a horror genre, right..? Ah someone save Oh Se Hwa.. Ah it's so fucking scary ㅠㅜㅜ

2. [+150, -16] Lee Dong Wook's character is a bit frustrating.. It's a character where the people around him can be negatively influenced..

3. [+110, -2] I got chills while watching 'Life'.. The ending was hella scary... It's really fun

4. [+93, -13] Don't know if the problem is Lee Dong Wook's acting or if it's the writing or if it's the directing.. The Ye Jin Woo character isn't persuasive and he's annoying. He stirs things around here and there and doesn't do anything with his own hands.. 

5. [+106, -32] It's my first time being turned off by the male lead. The reason Lee Dong Wook even does things is because of his self-interest.. Whether they died because of the illness or it's a death related to the septum, to the family, the death is 100% due to the journalists.. I don't want to watch it now because of Lee Dong Wook..