Wednesday, August 1, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!][Life Roundup] Episode 3 + 4

1. [+514, -12] It's so fucking fun to watch

2. [+415, -7] Everything's good but I wish they would take some of the sound effects out.. and what was that final ending... Cho Seung Woo is cute... 

3. [+269, -8] Cho Seung Woo's nice smile at the end, I think it's foreshadowing that he's not completely a villain, it seems like he planned something for a long time for the chairman...

4. [+244, -1] What is that final scene... Cho Seung Woo pet the dog and he had a puppy smile... why did they let the flowers fly, why did they play the BGM... 

5. [+201, -19] Wasn't Cho Seung Woo in his mid-20s when he came out in Tazza?? With the actors' aides these days, Cho Seung Woo is a different expert actor. (t/n: by saying "actors' aides", this commenter is basically saying that some of the actors these days aren't good/skilled actors)      

6. [+185, -27] The drama would do better if there was a person like Bae Doona, who can accept things well, but Lee Dong Wook is a bit weak... He's only trying to make his eye gaze strong and when he does his lines, his voice is too weak... And the tension from 'Secret Forest' is still a wall  

1. [+3448, -35] I thought it would be a drama about power struggle but after watching yesterday's episode, wow the writer-nim wrote it with an intention. They quite brushed things away. This is what you call a drama. So far, there's been a lot of ridiculous dramas but this is really refreshing.  

2. [+1891, -25] How far will Cho Seung Woo's acting skills grow? I realized that he's a really amazing actor, after watching yesterday's episode, his acting was literally crazy - to the point where he was possessed by the character Goo Seung Hyo 

3. [+860, -15] It's been a long time since we got a properly done medical drama, it seems like a drama that criticizes reality came out 

4. [+666, -22] I can assure you that this drama is a masterpiece. I was surprised after watching the 4th episode yesterday because it's so detailed..

5. [+353, -16] It's not just the drama's story but because even the actors' acting is tremendous, it doesn't lack anything...

Is anyone else watching this?
I heard some international viewers are having a hard time finding it because Netflix isn't airing it yet ㅠㅠ
After watching the fourth episode, I'm really enjoying it.
The drama has me sitting on the edge of my seat, there's so much suspense and you don't know who do root for!
Once it's available near you, I recommend y'all to watch it!