Tuesday, August 14, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!][Life Roundup] Episode 7 + 8

1. [+1071, -174] Do they just have to put in a love line....
↪ [+244, -33] Why, I like it ㅠㅠ Get rid of the stereotype that it's a well-made drama if there's no love line.. And trust the writer-nim a bit.. 

2. [+606, -41] I liked Goo Seung Hyo and Sun Woo's scene. I think they're sufficiently able to express Goo Seung Hyo's humanistic side without having to have Lee No Eul pull it out, like in the scene where he listens to Sun Woo and hands over the orthopedic documents and where he adopts the dog...ㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+582, -110] I'm having a fun time watching the drama but if the No Eul's character does wrong, it looks like flirting! It's not her being easy-going. At that age, with those looks, and that occupation, she's at an age where she knows she's pretty and popular, okay?

4. [+385, -33] We're not unconditionally shitting on the love line but it's not being drawn out naturally.. Everyone will think the way No Eul acts towards the boss would be cute and lovely in a romcom or melo but because this isn't that genre, it makes me think, is it possible someone who's just a doctor to behave like that towards the boss..? If the writer subtlety lays it out like she did in her last drama then I would watch while wondering what would happen to their relationship afterwards but up until now the way No Eul and Seung Hyo's relationship was laid out, rather than it being subtle, they're showing it way too openly like a love line so I think that's why people are saying the love line is so-so.. 

5. [+246, -16] Lee Dong Wook and Moon Sung Geun were awesome!

6. [+167, -38] Won Jin Ah's acting is making the drama second-class. You can't help but compare it to 'Secret Forest'. She opens her eyes round and points her finger at her boss.. Is this some kind of flirting that's seen in weekend dramas??

1. [+717, -101] Don't put in a love line ㅡㅡ Just let CEO Goo remain as a working ant!!

2. [+240, -12] Ah today's episode was really fun. Lee Dong Wook acted really well in the scene where he was confronting the Vice President, I'm sorry I didn't notice it before ㅠ After all this time, I was engaged and paid the most attention today 

3. [+202, -1] Team leader Yum Hye Ran is perfect~~~ During 'Goblin', I wanted to pinch her but her role right now as the CEO's secretary is really good and has a sense of justice

4. [+188, -2] This drama is really crazy

5. [+232, -62] Don't put in a love line that's not even immersive   

1. [+432, -7] No but ah because Moon Sung Geun is so good at acting, I'm getting annoyed

2. [+357, -0] Although there's a bit of an unfortunate part for the love line and what not, the reason I feel like this drama is a masterpiece is because it shows off really well the reality of our country's medical industry. Whether you're a medical personnel, reviewer, or hospital manager, everyone has a predicament and have parts they have to fix and the writer writes that so well. The bitter part is that I feel the most sorry for the patients and being sick is sad... 

3. [+265, -10] Kim Chang Wan for 'White Tower', Moon Sung Geun for 'Life', although the other actors are good at emotional acting, there are times where their diction is a bit unfortunate but with Moon Sung Geun, whether he talks softly, yells, or is in a good mood, it flows into your ear (t/n: they're saying they're able to hear his lines properly). I watched in awe. 

4. [+204, -5] I was caught off guard because they immediately spoiled it in the preview...