Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Staff member working on 'Thirty But Seventeen' dies, suspected of being overworked during the heatwave

1. [+4435, -33] They seriously need to rip apart and fix the profit system of the broadcast and film industry... Does it make sense that they replace staff while producing and the staff at the bottom don't even earn 1 million won? Don't give celebrities an absurd amount of money for their appearance fee and at least use 10% of that on improving treatment for your staff 
↪ [+132, -1] Even if they take 10,000 won out of 10 of the celebrities' appearance fee, I feel like the staff members would struggle less
↪ [+132, -2] Seriously... If there's no staff members, a drama's production is impossible, how can they treat them like that.. They only respect the celebrities.. 

2. [+1809, -12] May they rest in peace

3. [+570, -20] I hope all the staff members and actors filming/working outside during the heatwave all pay attention their health ㅠㅠ May they rest in peace.

4. [+492, -20] Structurally, they seriously need to improve the staffs' working hours 

5. [+230, -10] Cham.. The drama environment is really poor. May they rest in peace. (t/n: there isn't a direct translation for "cham"/"참"... In this situation, it's like the commenter is in disbelief and is basically saying: "are you serious..."/"seriously...". If someone has a better explanation, please share!)