Sunday, August 26, 2018

Uee says her wish is to introduce herself as 'actress Uee'

Original Source (X Sports News via Naver): Uee, "My wish is to introduce myself as 'actress Uee'"

1. [+2022, -86] Unvarying diction.. unvarying facial expression.. Acting sad, acting happy, because her expressions look the same - it's hard to interpret it.

2. [+1204, -163] A singer being an actor.. especially an idol being an actor, I really don't like it.. In a split-second it's killing the opportunities of would-be actors who are really struggling to become an actor and who are working hard step by step.. 

3. [+757, -27] Honestly, I miss the face and charms of the Uee who in the past danced to 'Single Ladies' on Star King. Then, she was really charming and she was the unrivaled top, how did she end up like this

4. [+726, -18] Uee seems like she doesn't rest and always goes into a new work.. The roles she gets are always similar and because her acting is always similar.. If they say she's filming a drama, I don't look forward to it. It seems like she also always films similar dramas.. She should rest a bit, practice acting, I think that's for the best 

5. [+432, -19] I seriously don't understand why they give Uee main roles... When Uee comes out, I switch the channel...

6. [+228, -4] If you wanted to do that then you should've gone to an acting school instead of a plastic surgeon    

Her acting isn't horrible but she really needs to find a fitting role and a different type of drama...
I feel like she comes out in the same type of dramas where her characters seem like they go through the craziest experience so she's always either crying or getting mad...
I hope things work out for her in the future.