Thursday, September 20, 2018

Comedian Park Mi Sun involved in a car accident, rear-ended by driver who was texting and driving

t/n: There's pictures of the accident and a picture of her crying in the car. People are criticizing people for taking unnecessary pictures of her and for publishing that in the articles. You can see the pictures (of the car accident) in the original articles but I won't be sharing it on this blog.

1. [+15339, -141] It's shitty how they took pictures of her crying and tipped off the media and it's shitty how they're uploading the pictures in the articles. Seriously...

2. [+7023, -115] Wow this is why they hear things like trash journalists - a person gets into an accident and is crying but on top of that, they take pictures and they publish that into the article - what kind of personality is that?

3. [+5000, -141] Journalist-nim, please edit the title of the article. If you read it wrong, people might think that Park Mi Sun-nim caused the accident!!

4. [+3032, -66] Why do they take pictures like that? They're really mean

5. [+1554, -75] Seriously what's with the picture - because of things like this people say trash journalists   

According to the witness, Park Mi Sun's car was the in the middle in the 3-way collision. The person who was the most injured was the driver who caused the accident. Initial reports reported that the driver who caused the accident was a drunk driver but according to this article by Newsen, the accident was caused by the person texting while driving.

1. [+1080, -14] Hul;;; I hope she's okay..

2. [+618, -18] Drunk driving is an act of murder

3. [+447, -15] After getting so much shit, they changed the picture ㅋㅋ Earlier, you published a picture of Park Mi Sun crying because she was shocked. You said that she was crying while asking for help ㅉㅉ

4. [+143, -14] I hope you have a speedy recovery

5. [+129, -11] Thank goodness it's not a big injury...