Friday, September 21, 2018

'Dark Figure of Crime' under scrutiny for not receiving family's consent to adapt true murder story for the film

Hyung Min (Kim Yun Seok) is a respected detective. He is aware of Tae Oh (Ju Ji Hoon) who is in prison for murder. One day, Hyung Min receives a phone call from Tae Oh in prison. He confesses to Hyung Min that he committed 7 more murders and gives Hyung Min clues on the murders. No one believes Tae Oh's confession except for Hyung Min. Without knowing who the victims are, Hyung Min attempts to uncover the 7 murders. (cr. AsianWiki)
NOTE: The family of the real victim filed an injunction to ban the movie from being released. One victim's family said, "In the process of making a movie that's based on a true story, they didn't seek any kind of consent from the victims' families. It's a situation where ff the movie comes out, the family will go back to that time and will have to experience pain."

The film's reps "sincerely apologized" for hurting the victim's family with their film and will take actions to not inconvenience the family. 

1. [+1103, -14] Dozens of people work on a movie but how is it that not a single person didn't pick out this part and they looked over it, it's seriously to the point where it's interesting

2. [+734, -19] Still, isn't it right to get permission from the victim's family for the case your basing the movie on before you produce the movie..?   

3. [+405, -7] They're thinking of making a film like that without getting any consent from the victim's family ㅎㅎ The heart of the victim's family who's watching must be ripping apart

4. [+260, -10] Is the producer brainless?

5. [+161, -8] I was looking forward to it after watching the trailer but.. it has an inside story that's this dark, I think it'll be hard to blindly have fun while watching it..