Friday, September 21, 2018

'Hand: The Guest' achieves their best rating with 3.2%

1. [+1776, -111] I feel like it would be alright if the two male leads lead the drama without Jung Eun Chae

2. [+1318, -37] Why is Jung Eun Chae always mad...I have no idea why and she even gets mad at the victims and rude..

3. [+1123, -5] The supporting actors acting possessed is shining, thank to them, the drama is alive

4. [+472, -14] Because it's the director of 'Voice 1' it's super scary and super fun... 

5. [+542, -145] Episode 1 and 2 was fun with its fast plot development, the plot development in episode 3 and 4 is really frustrating... Especially the female detective, because they made her into such a frustrating character, it makes me doubt if I'll keep watching it live....

6. [+189, -1] Kim Dong Wook is so good at acting

7. [+168, -6] It's true that the female lead can't get the character right.. But in that situation, the job of an policer officer can't be absent.. Let's just reestablish the female lead..