Sunday, September 23, 2018

[Omniscient Interfering View Roundup] Viewers criticize the show + the panel for their attitude towards Park Sung Kwang's small fanmeeting

Nationwide ratings for this week's episode: 7.7% (cr. Naver TV)

t/n: So basically, for like the past 3 weeks or so, the show has been dragging on about Park Sung Kwang's fanmeeting and they kept making people anticipate about it and the fanmeeting episode finally aired this week. Everyone thought a lot of fans showed up but in reality, 12 showed up and the panelists began laughing and joking about it. A lot of the viewers felt uncomfortable with this attitude because they thought the panelists were ridiculing Park Sung Kwang and his fans. Among the fans that showed up, there was one fan who was his fan since Park Sung Kwang was performing during his Daehak-ro days (t/n: a popular district where actors, comedians perform) and the fan has been his fan for like 15 years and Park Sung Kwang just knows her now. Personally, I thought it was effed up that they would drag it on like this just to make it into a joke, and a lot of fans didn't attend because they weren't comfortable with being filmed for a TV show.  

1. [+3183, -32] I feel like Park Sung Kwang is a good person

2. [+1860, -18] While watching, it was quite moving. What's so important about the amount of people that come, it's the heart that matters

3. [+1268, -27] Still, I thought 30 people would come, were they burdened because they were told they will be filming it
↪ [+461, -2] Over 50 people applied to attend the fanmeeting but many people didn't come because they were burdened by the idea of appearing on TV

4. [+1225, -59] There were no issues with the fanmeeting but why are there no articles pointing out the panelists for their attitude, why are trash journalists on their toes?

5. [+799, -23] Park Sung Kwang and his manager are quite good people. 

6. [+552, -11] Looking at the comments made by the people who attended the fanmeeting, around 50 people applied to attend but because of the show, many of them didn't come. It's because of their filming, they should've known how many people were gonna show up but the production team edited it like that and the panelists who completely crossed the line with teasing and didn't treat the 12 people like humans - don't live like that, in front of the manager and the celebrity who bought more containers for the lemon honey because they said 50 people will come 

7. [+475, -21] At the end of the show, there were comments coming down on the panelists' rude manners and attitude but they began switching out articles - Lee Young Ja, Song Eun Yi, Jun Hyun Moo, Yang Se Hyun-ssi, behave appropriately/know the limit. While in a group, don't make someone into an idiot and think of that as humor. 

8. [+406, -17] Hyun Moo-yah~~ On 'I Live Alone', you also only had around 80 people attend. It's the same as 100 people not showing up.. Isn't it a bit too much saying things like, "Is this a hidden camera?" Don't just say things to be funny 

9. [+357, -7] Yang Se Bari, be careful with your mouth 

1. [+2312, -11] Rather than 120 or 1200 fans, aren't you more proud of and envious of having a fan that's been with you for 15 years before you were a comedian during your performing years? Why are they teasing him...?   

2. [+1971, -42] Are 12 people not considered fans? I was appalled seeing Yang Se Hyung mocking him, what are all these people doing in front of a person 
↪ [+292, -6] I really couldn't stand the sight of Yang Se Hyung... ㅠㅠ
↪ [+151, -6] Jun Hyun Moo too
↪ [+265, -1] This isn't just hurting Park Sung Kwang, this is hurting his fans too and seeing his fans hurt will once again hurt Park Sung Kwang 

3. [+1373, -20] He might've been a bit taken aback at first but the vibes looked good because he was able to take pictures with all the fans, buy them food, and was able to communicate with them more but seriously, the panelists today really crossed the line..

4. [+1081, -14] Isn't this the production team's problem? They edited it as if many people were going to attend and they dragged that along for 3 weeks, I only see it as them mocking Park Sung Kwang and the viewers to raise their ratings ㅋㅋ This is seriously too much. You're making the precious fans into a joke? And seriously, the panelists keep looking down on Park Sung Kwang but how great of a celebrity are you guys? How are you different from non-celebrities ㅋㅋㅋ? 

5. [+452, -5] Park Sung Kwang really seems like a good person, it's not easy for a person to be a fan since his performing days and still be a fan supporting him 15 years later... Seriously, what's the point of having 50 or 100 people show up when you'll be unsure if even 10 of them are genuine fans... 

6. [+462, -21] I have a feeling that this year's daesang for the entertainment award is between Lee Young Ja and Park Narae but after watching this episode, I think it's right for Park Narae to receive it because when you watch Park Narae, she always makes jokes about herself but she's never made jokes while looking down on others or by mocking them. Seriously, that's not easy but she's quite thoughtful 

7. [+398, -5] I feel like Jun Hyun Moo and Yang Se Hyung were seriously mocking too much.. What do you think the 12 people would've said after watching the episode, they seriously think they had a lot of popularity since the beginning, Lee Young Ja should've also taken care of her junior