Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Park Myung Soo to leave 'Happy Together' after spending 11 years on the show

NOTE: Uhm Hyun Kyung will also be leaving the show

1. [+3792, -223] It's right for them to leave....  Both Park Myung Soo and Uhm Hyun Kyung weren't doing anything

2. [+3116, -133] I liked it the most when it was just Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo, Park Mi Sun, and Shin Bong Sun.
↪ [+193, -1] You're right, it was fun when they used to do it in the sauna 

3. [+1876, -143] I seriously don't understand why Uhm Hyun Kyung was there ㅋㅋ She seriously just got paid and didn't do anything
↪ [+102, -4] Rather than it being Uhm Hyun Kyung not doing anything, when she was running around during the early stage, her role disappeared 

4. [+854, -89] Seriously what was Uhm Hyun Kyung doing while sitting down, she's not even funny