Wednesday, September 12, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!][Life Roundup] Episode 13-16 (finale)

1. [+578, -156] Why are people shitting on Lee Dong Wook? If you watch the drama enough, it shows you why he's doing the things he's doing 

2. [+458, -41] I ended up not liking Moon Sung Geun because he acts so well

3. [+194, -38] No but.. there are so many different type of people who live in this world.. there should be people like Lee Dong Wook.. To be honest, I was looking forward to a drama that would exceed 'Secret Forest' but it doesn't seem like it.. I hope they produce 'Secret Forest' season 2

4. [+266, -112] When Lee Dong Wook was talking with Cho Seung Woo and he got mad because his brother was mentioned, his acting skills plummeted. I feel like he would be embarrassed if he monitored his acting (t/n: when they say 'monitor' they mean they're watching/reviewing their own performance). With Cho Seung Woo, emotions show up with subtle changes in expression but with Lee Dong Wook, he only shouts loudly and his expression stays the same that I thought his whole face received botox. I wondered why he didn't become as popular compared to his handsome looks but after watching this drama, I'm sad because I completely understood why. Moon Sung Geun's acting is really realistic. He's a really wicked person but there's nothing incorrect about his words. Lee Dong Wook, who was annoying until the end, made Moon Sung Geun's acting shine. Cho Seung Woo is the most realistic but I'm only surprised because he does a good job at expressing a character that's the hardest to exist.

5. [+159, -46] It's fun. I feel like it would be even more fun if Cho Seung Woo joins them and fights with them. Looking forward to next week!

1. [+1153, -57] I held back and watched until the end because of actor Cho Seung Woo. This drama's cost of production is 10.6 billion? Seung Woo hyung doesn't need loyalty with the producers from his last work, if he's going to be the sub lead, let's only do it if the main lead is a better actor than hyung or need to act as well as hyung

2. [+653, -51] This drama could've been a masterpiece, they messed up the brothers, Cho Seung Woo cleaned up the shit, they didn't reveal the director's death. If JTBC is going to be like this then don't make dramas

3. [+493, -22] No matter what you do, big companies do things on their own, it's hard to change.. In the end, you should just find your life's small happiness (love, brotherly love), isn't this the writer's message... I feel like that's also why the drama's title is life

4. [+444, -49] I'm mad at myself for not being able to give up on Cho Seung Woo's acting until the end and watching the drama until the end ㅜ ㅜ But meanwhile, it was nice to see the fatal Seo Dong Jae-ssi ㅎㅎ Seriously Lee Dong Wook should learn acting again!

5. [+396, -11] Only Cho Seung Woo was the best 

1. [+589, -4] CEO Goo who left like that will become a multimillionaire real estate owner that looks for excellent spots and will end up meeting Cha Joo Hyuk who comes and goes through the past...

2. [+429, -9] I only saw Cho Seung Woo, Moon Sung Geun, Moon So Ri
↪ [+55, -1] There's also Yoo Jae Myung... 

3. [+419, -14] I watched until the end because of Cho Seung Woo....there was romance, that I wonder if it was necessary, everywhere.. Until the end, I wondered if Lee No Eul needed that much emphasis.. 
↪ [+31, -0] Lee Dong Wook and the reporter was more severe ㅡㅡ

4. [+257, -16] Until the end, Ye Jin Woo didn't wake up and he was an eyesore of a male lead ㅜㅜ Why was there a love story for the Ye brothers