Saturday, September 1, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!][My ID is Gangnam Beauty Roundup] Episode 12

Nationwide ratings for episode 12: 5.436% (cr. Nielsen Korea)

1. [+1147, -9] To Mi Rae he says, "Let's date", and to Soo Ah, he says, "Cut the bullshit"... When there's goguma everywhere, Do Kyung Seok is the cider 

2. [+535, -9] To be honest, having thoughts like that is relatable. If the other person is popular, handsome or pretty, and close to perfect, liking them also becomes a worry... It makes you hesitate

3. [+306, -8] I'm really jealous of the person who'll later get a confession from Cha Eun Woo.....

4. [+154, -3] I keep getting emotional because of Mi Rae so I keep getting choked up. Please show us DoRae couple being lovey dovey~~

1. [+1478, -40] This is really a drama where the actors did everything....Im Soo Hyang and Cha Eun Woo's pairing is the best ㅠ

2. [+744, -26] An hour passes just by looking at Eun Woo  

3. [+337, -41] Cha Eun Woo's suit seriously... he's an intangible cultural asset

4. [+306, -15] Is it because the casting was done well, there's a sense of immersion and it's fun to watch 

5. [+168, -9] But this is because I didn't watch the drama from the start but.. Did Soo Ah tell her friends that she's rich when she's actually poor??