Friday, October 12, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!][The Best Divorce Roundup] Episode 1-4

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Nationwide ratings for episode 1-4 (cr. Naver TV):
  1. 3.2%
  2. 4.0%
  3. 2.9%
  4. 3.9%

1. [+2136, -34] It doesn't seem like Bae Doona receive a single common cosmetic procedure. People always see female celebrities who have puffy faces and no wrinkles on TV so I think that's why people can't adjust after seeing Bae Doona's face. I like seeing how she's naturally aging. 

2. [+1313, -46] KBS sometimes come out with dramas that are quite sensible and with modern directing but I feel like 'The Best Divorce' is exactly that type of drama.. Although it's a remake, everyone is good at acting and I really had a fun time watching it

3. [+1236, -37] The rude customer who poured the hot coffee on the neck because they moved late was really, really too much... Cha Tae Hyun's life acting is awesome!

4. [+1000, -24] When Bae Doona said the lines, "Ah, it's refreshing...", I choked up

5. [+886, -23] Bae Doona doesn't seem like she gets any cosmetic procedures done. It's so charming that I was a bit surprised. I quickly became embarrassed of myself who tried to look younger. A person can look this pretty. 

6. [+383, -4] After always seeing robot people whose puffy face look like its going to burst because of all the botox injections they receive and seeing Bae Doona's face, my eyes are comfortable 

1. [+805, -16] I at least thought that once when I broke up with my ex-boyfriend.. I got chills at the end with Lee El's lines.. Going to watch it live next week too~!!^^

2. [+724, -16] They say.. memories are remembered differently... 

3. [+454, -23] If you're a person who's not considerate of others and think and judge self-centeredly, the person that lives with you will suffer a lot and exhausted...

4. [+449, -24] It's fun~~ Bae Doona's acting is really natural and detailed... 

5. [+285, -26] When my ex-boyfriend acted chummy and called me, I told him I wish he died. I feel like I know what they're talking about.