Saturday, November 10, 2018

[Knowing Bros] Actress Kim Sae Ron reveals that she was bullied after the movie 'The Man from Nowhere'

Nationwide ratings for this week's episode: 5.9% (cr. Naver TV)

On this episode, Kim Sae Ron revealed that she dropped out of high school. She said, "I attended high school until 9th grade/year 1 and then dropped out. I still maintain a friendship with my high school friends until now but I decided to drop out because I wanted to learn other things." She also revealed that during elementary school, she was bullied. Because 'The Man from Nowhere' was popular when she moved to a new school, she thinks those classmates perceived her as a celebrity and she said that they picked on her severely. "On my way home, they would write cuss words on the slides, my shoes disappeared every day. They told me to come because they were having a birthday party and when I went, there would be times when no one was there." 

1. [+5277, -23] Gosh.... Why are students so cruel... 

2. [+2651, -14] No but seriously, why are there so many mean kids...

3. [+1135, -23] Hearing her say that, it was upsetting and sad but still I hope you prosper

4. [+670, -21] Every time OCN airs 'The Man from Nowhere', I watch it - how is it that it's fun every time you watch it   

5. [+577, -33] I hope you prosper